Friday, August 6, 2010

Potpourri for $500, Alex.

This space will be a bit like the potpourri category on Jeopardy. A little diy, a little geeky, a little crafty, and a little foodie. I considered calling this blog "Hungry and Witty and Gay," because my food projects tend to be more elaborate than my craft projects. And my crafty projects tend to be edible. Another blog name possibility was 'Misspent Adulthood," because this blog will be used as justification for the inordinate amount of time spent on these projects. Some of the projects turn out just as I'd imagined, and some...not so much. Hopefully, documenting the successes and disasters will help to even out the ratio a bit.

Oh, and if it turns out that just my mom reads this blog (hi, mom!), that is totally okay.  

And now, a little Maria, who is feeling....well, you know.

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