Monday, May 2, 2011

Today I made...

French 77
A French 77!
vintage bar cart I was so excited to snag this vintage bar cart for a song at a local flea market. Especially when Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and other blogs routinely feature swoon-worthy carts well above my price range. I plan to strip off the brass plating because silver will work better with my decor. In the meantime, this awesome find warrants a celebration cocktail!

And nothing says celebration like a bubbly libation. But it seems wasteful (or gluttonous) to pop open a bottle of champagne for just one person. Which is why I love these single serving cans of Franis Ford Coppola's Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. They're great for picnics and it's hard to resist booze that comes with its own straw, yeah?

French 77
1 shot St. Germain liqueur (a yummy liqueur made from wild elderflower blossoms)
1/4 shot of fresh-squeezed lemon juice
Champagne or sparkling wine

Combine the St. Germain and lemon juice in a chilled glass and top with the bubbly. Garnish with a lemon twist (I was lazy and just chucked in a lemon wedge I had squeezed for the juice). Santé!

St. Germaine + Sofia

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